StraNexus Apprentice Program (SNAP)

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Unique team approach:  The right mix of skills for the desired results - our Lead Manager takes overall accountability working on the project, supported by a full-time high caliber Apprentice Consultant (coached by the Dream Team of trainers and mentored by both StraNexus and client executives).  Our Senior Advisory Council of seasoned executives and industry experts further enhance the project results, quality and delivery.

Participatory approach:  Clearly defined objectives and deliverables.  Our experience has consistently been that the most successful projects are those where there is a partnership between the consultant and the client, each contributing their knowledge and expertise, bearing complementary roles.  This ensures that there is a balance between the infusion of external expertise and process skills, but the results are “owned” by the client.  To that effect we help select client ‘process champions’ and work with them in a structured manner to do knowledge transfer.

Why Industrial Engineering:  Proven industrial engineering methodologies and tools deployed in a participatory manner, coupled with our unique techniques create inherent buy-in and drive improvements in people, process and technologies.  Fact-based solutions start with fact based data gathering.  The apprentice program has grown from industrial engineering and related disciplines.

Driving results:  Prioritizing fact-based solutions in an opportunity and savings matrix.  

Setting things in motion: Get traction by rolling out quick wins, proof-of-concepts and pilots where possible.

Project outcomes: Organizational buy-in, Tangible results, Practical knowledge transfer and a Knowledge worker!

Highly structured program:  While we have introduced a handful of elements of this program above, there are a lot of other factors that go into making this high-intensity project a huge success for almost a decade.  Find out how your organization can take advantage of this unique partnership.

Why are we doing this:  When hiring university graduates in the consulting and operational world, we realized that while they were academically sound and had a lot of energy and passion to make a difference, they were falling flat and it took anywhere from 3 to 5 years after graduation for them to truly understand how to implement a project successfully.  That is a long period of time!  True to the meaning of our name (strategic connections and win-win scenarios) and our values, we created SNAP as a high-intensity intake process to fast track the candidates learnings.  Through a proven track record we have zeroed in on what key skill sets are required to deliver successful projects with sustainable results.  We needed help to make this happen, so we partnered with some of the best experts in North America and Europe in Industrial Engineering, Strategy, People Skills, Buy-in, Body Language, Innovation, and Delivery of tangible actions.  SNAP has now evolved where it is a great relationship builder with our clients where they get to see tangible results delivered at half our consulting rates, a phenomenal intake process for us, and sometimes even for our clients.

Unleash the benefits of Industrial Engineering in your organization!

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Benefits to your organization:  Create consensus and buy-in at all stakeholder levels; Generate quantifiable operational savings; Increase capacity – do more with the same resources; Increase productivity and throughput; Improve asset utilization; Drive service levels; Enhance employee motivation; Ascertain cost of doing business; Align operations with organizational strategy; Improve operational processes; Reduce non-value-added activities; Introduce systems to maximize profitability.

Cost effective pricing:  With our unique partnership approach you end up paying for a fraction of our senior resources on the team and we invest in our full-time apprentice consultants, so you get a high caliber full-time apprentice on the project for free.  It is our partnered investment into future talent.  

Implement improvements and get the results – not just a report!

Company selection – how you avail this opportunity

  • Contact us for a brief in-person meeting to discuss your specific situation and potential projects to ensure they meet the criteria for this program
  • We will evaluate the scope, magnitude, and elements of the project to assess your fit to the program
  • Once approved our manager will commence planning the project for a timely launch

Our select clients approved for SNAP have included: Siemens, Niagara Region, Ontario Power Generation, Ontario Clean Water Agency, Township of King, Shred-it / Secur-it, Deeley Harley Davidson Canada, Bombardier, and many others.

Some of the industries where StraNexus has successfully implemented projects includes Municipalities, Health Care, Utilities, Nuclear Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Financial, Information Technology, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Distribution, Not-for-profit, Retail, Education, Document Management, Aviation, Public Transportation, and Construction.

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