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One of the challenges that organizations face is which software is the right fit for their particular needs?  With technological advances, numerous choices and the global reach of both big and small, new and established vendors, each offering variations on themes, types of programs, additional modules, specialized (industry, type of software) vs generic, and other factors, it is even more challenging.  You may have an impetus like a strategic direction, to change, update or review your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Information System (HRIS),  Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) / Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Workflow management system, Document management system or other systems, the challenge is still the same - how do you know which one is the best fit for your needs?

At StraNexus, we partner with you to help make that decision a structured process, removing any overburdening costs now, and helping mitigate costly risks later.  We bring in the right industry gurus, independent software experts, our process know how, 3rd party objective approach, project management methodologies, and smart vendor management practices.  Let us take for example, the CMMS/EAM software review.  Our very own David Berger, Executive Partner and President, for almost 30 years has been conducting a detailed review of CMMS/EAM packages and respective key industry trends, and publishing numerous articles and a detailed review in industry magazines and websites.  Coupled with his invaluable know-how, level of detail and utility of the reviews, our Project Managers, Senior Consultants Apprentice Consultants and Executives have been helping organizations conduct numerous asset management audits; helping senior management develop asset management strategies involving maintenance, operations, and engineering; facilitating development of future-state process maps and corresponding system requirements in preparation for ERP, CMMS/EAM, and other system replacement/upgrades; helping client project teams with CMMS/EAM package selection including RFP development, scripted demos and selection advice;  overseeing implementation project management and post-implementation management; and assisting companies in implementing new processes and systems, as well as resultant organizational design changes.

The level of detail in David’s software review is impressive, each CMMS/EAM vendor that participates in the review completes a survey form of almost 50 pages, with thousands of attributes covering 31 categories as shown in the table below.  Vendors that complete the survey are required to demonstrate their performance for every question, and if they don’t align with an independent industry expert, the responses are corrected accordingly.  The one-day in-person reviews guarantee consistent interpretation of each survey question and ensure that the same criteria are applied to every CMMS/EAM software vendor.  Thus, you can use the data in the CMMS/EAM Software Review with confidence to help you refine your requirements, find packages that best fulfill them and compare them feature-to-feature with assurance that they were judged and are represented fairly and consistently.  To discover more about the CMMS/EAM review, or any of the services mentioned above, please email us


Categories covered by the CMMS/EAM Software Review

Vendor profile 

Look-ups & searches

Planning & scheduling

Industry specialization

Data entry

Inventory control & purchasing

Package information (eg, pricing, language)

Help features

Budgeting & cost reporting

Implementation approach

Workflow & business logic

Equipment history


Analysis & reporting

Mobile technology

Multi-site support

Work order control

HR management

Global attributes

Preventive & condition-based maintenance

Fleet maintenance

Security & data integrity


Infrastructure maintenance

User interface


Service & technology asset management


 Engineering design to maintenance Sustainability

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