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Our clients entrust us to partner with them to make a value-added impact in their organization.  In-turn we are touching the community at large, and the people that make these organizations great.  This is an incredible honour, an immense responsibility and a wonderful opportunity to help do the right thing and deliver sustainable results.

Whether the client is a business, a not-for-profit or a government organization, these impacts have far reaching consequences to the communities they are a part of and in collective to the local economies.  It is with this profound understanding and how Industrial Engineering can play a role in the art and science of running an effective organization, StraNexus was created.  While our lines of business continue to grow within and beyond the realms of Industrial Engineering into a full service Management Advisory Firm, our understanding becomes that much more strengthened in our mission to deliver sustainable results to create best-in-class organizations.

I invite you to a personal dialogue, to collaborate with our StraNexus family – get involved, make a difference and create a tangible impact in your organization.  With our expertise, industry knowledge, unique approaches, tried and tested methodologies and tools, and knowledge transfer to build your internal capacity, we can help you get there.

Prince Kumar.


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We believe that every project requires a customized approach and the right makeup of expertise to deliver upon the desired results effectively and efficiently.  Thus we are always on a lookout to expand our team with high quality trainers, advisors and industry experts so we can create the best-fit team for our clients’ needs. 

Do you know someone who is passionate about results and would make an exceptional Dream Team trainer or is a sought-after Industry Expert (prior executive) with a pragmatic proven approach?  If so, please click below to nominate them:

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