Our values

 Our values are embedded in the way we work and think.  They transcend the test of projects and time.

Building lasting relationships

People are the greatest assets and lasting relationships are the testaments.

Building lasting relationships is a continuous, mutually-rewarding journey that involves earning and respecting trust, understanding culture and knowing that culture eats strategy, listening, and delivering actions.  The good news is that lasting relationships can be cultivated using our unique approaches such as organizational buy-in and SWIFT.


A truly sustainable solution is one that works for all.

When the thought process around implementation is that the solution should last the test of time, not fall apart shortly after, the approach, design, and piloting stages of a project look drastically different from conventional ones.  This typically results in achieving sustainable desired outcomes.

Fact based solutions

Understanding facts is the first step in achieving high value solutions.

With various tools and technologies at our fingertips, it has become easier to collect industry information.  Yet the relevancy and amount of data collected can be overwhelming and the data is often not analyzed nor suitable for current issues and solutions.  Data can help clarify the need if we know what to look for and how to seamlessly collect it.  This is where our years of expertise, facilitated consensus, and a proven approach come in.

Measurable results

Knowing where to go is 1/3 the battle. What to look for, how to look for it, and course correction based on facts, to get to the final destination is the other 2/3.

It is not enough to say that a project will be more profitable or that things will improve if only the recommendations are implemented.  Knowing what to measure, measuring it, understanding it, correcting the course accordingly, and achieving and documenting the results over a reasonable timeframe is just as important, if not more.  Our focus from the beginning is shaped by the above thinking, which then influences our participatory approach.

Practical knowledge transfer

As you know, 'Give someone a fish and you will feed that person for a day, teach someone how to fish and you will feed that person for a lifetime.'

Combining the two above approaches is even more impactful and practical.  Find out how we embed this value in the approaches, tools, templates and strategies we use in projects, working in partnership with key individuals at the client site to transfer knowledge.  The resulting benefits are far reaching and can be used by the client in other projects as well.


Positive change happens with big and a lot of little innovations.

To continuously improve processes is a rewarding undertaking.  With our clients, the process changes come with a lot of responsibility entrusted to us.  In a participatory fashion innovation is used and facilitated to make the changes practical, meaningful, and momentum-driven.  Innovation does not have to be big; in fact it’s the little ones that often combine to make the biggest impact.

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