Company overview

StraNexus Inc. is a management advisory firm helping mid to large size organizations.  Our lines of business touch on all aspects of our client's organization:

1. Strategy and modeling: Our strategic planning services include creating easy-to-use and understand strategic roadmaps that use measures to tie strategy to actionable initiatives.  To ensure lasting change, we further take these strategic initiatives and help build organizational and operational models that are seamlessly embedded into staff roles and responsibilities, organizational framework, processes, and/or systems.

2. Operational efficiencies and effectiveness (OEE): Our OEE line of business focuses on how people work, design of effective processes and efficient technologies.  We use proven Industrial Engineering principles, the art and science of how to run organizations effectively, while creating exceptional customer value for our clients.

3. Maintenance and asset management (MAAM): Every organization has some form of physical assets.  A fine balancing act between asset lifecycle and asset performance, reliability and the total cost of ownership, can help mitigate risk and provide for significant savings.  Our end-to-end advisory services include solid asset management strategies, gap analysis, needs assessment, process design, system requirements and selection, CMMS/EAM/ERP reviews, implementation oversight, post-implementation management, and performance measurements.

4. Customer experience management (CEX): A review of your end-to-end customer experiences, assessing them from the outside-in, to help you optimize from the inside-out.  Our service offerings include benchmarking, journey mapping, sampling, designing customer experiences, proof-of-concept models, self-serve models, 3rd party project management of implementations, and ongoing customer insights and feedback.

5. Corporate training and eLearning: To become best-in-class organizations requires investment and development in your own people.  Our advisory services provide for a practical way to learn hands-on skills.  Our training workshops and eLearning courses augment that experience with their retention and application based focus.  We partner with sought-after world-class trainers to bring our clients the best in pragmatic skills development over a period of time for better retention.

6. Life Changing Process Changes (LCPC): LCPC helps build capacity in the not-for-profit sector.  Find out how you can partner with us in a leadership development journey for your management and staff while helping to make tangible impacts in the not-for-profit sector.  It can be a life-changing experience!

Our mission is to deliver sustainable results to help create best-in-class organizations. 

The pillars of our projects are organizational buy-in, tangible results and practical knowledge transfer.  We understand the importance of these 3 pillars to be able to celebrate sustainable success in our projects.  The projects we facilitate lead to reduced costs, increased earnings, optimized assets, improved services levels, and improved resource utilization.

Our name: : So you ask what’s in a name? Hear the story from our Founding Partner, Prince Kumar: …

“When I was in my preteens my brother had given me a ‘learn-a-new-word-a-day’ book.  Unconsciously I would use a few words from this book in assignments, reports, projects and exams that I had great success with.  While we were going through facilitated brainstorming in early 2000’s for the name of the company, we were trying to form a word that represented ‘strategic connections’.  The importance of these two words is embodied by the following: no matter what the company ends up doing, it’s well thought out, a win-win for all (or as one of the major not-for-profits, Rotary puts it in its 4 way test: Is it Fair to all concerned?), profitable not just in the short-run but also long-term, self-sustaining, and relies on building lasting relationships (one of our core values).  As Nexus means connection, a play on the words created ‘StraNexus’ from ‘strategic connections’.  I realized then, that the word Nexus was one of words I had been using from my preteens, a word gifted by my brother, who had passed away a few years prior to the start of StraNexus.  So it was a no brainer for me to continue his gift as part of the legacy.  The meaning behind our name, StraNexus has played a pivotal part in the design of our immensely successful SNAP => StraNexus Apprentice Program, and continues to shape how we grow the business, the StraNexus family, and how we run the organization.”

Our client industries: Our team has consulted for many leading companies from industry sectors like, utilities, food and beverage, banks, logistics, oil and gas, not-for-profit, nuclear power, services, retail, manufacturing, municipalities, distribution, automotive, document management, aviation, financial services, education, health care, information technology, transportation, and construction among others.

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