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of roles bought-in

Our experience has consistently been that the most successful projects are those where there is a partnership between the consultant and the client, each contributing their knowledge and expertise to the project. Accordingly, it is important that we maximize buy-in through select and planned participation. Thus increasing overall accountability and ownership of the solutions.


Knowledge Champions created

We are of a firm belief that knowledge transfer to our clients is vital for sustainable success on all projects. Your staff develop skills and tools that can be used to help improve the results on an ongoing basis. We work with select staff to transform them into Knowledge and Process Champions to help build your internal capacity. Practical knowledge transfer is designed into our consulting engagements instead of being an afterthought.

50 to 300%

Return on Investment

Our action oriented approach means that we focus on concrete planning and execution of initiatives – not just high level recommendations. Learn our unique methodology to start benefiting from results and returns even before the project is completed. Coupled with this is our value-added cost structure; by providing the right mix of skills we remove any overburdening costs to you, provide the right value for money, and a higher return on investment.


“Helping execute quality tangible results + knowledge transfer => sustainable success” 

Prince Kumar
Chief Executive Partner

“A consultant that picks up their client’s watch and tells them what time it is, adds no value.”

David Berger
Executive Partner and President

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